About Me

Michael Alex... Simply put, is a dream meeting its destiny. 

This past year has been an amazing journey.  The hours spent exploring the art of leather making and developing concepts of my own have materialized into something to give to the world.
Michael Alex is an expressive brand that should be consumed with an open mind; In doing so, you should feel engaged with most, if not all, products in the area you're most interested in.  As a brand that seeks to engage a broad array of people who appreciate quality, I create classic products to captivate you in the details as well as my fiery, pop-inspired originals.
The primary inspiration for the brand materialized from my own years of purchasing and visually consuming high-end products that leave much to be desired.  The only way that I can fill the particular voids in the market, is by using my own sense of design and artistry, as well as learned engineering principles, to create visually appealing and very high quality products. 
For both current and potential customers, I hope that my photos and text convey the passion of the brand and the emotion at our core for creating high-end leather works.  My goal is to have a personal relationship with every customer who enjoys handmade artisan products to in turn ensure beauty and quality are unparalleled deep into the future of the brand. 
If you have any question or concerns related to the brand please contact me at michael@shopmichaelalex.com or at (773) 800-0052.
- Michael Alex -